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Welcome to my blog,  I am a lover of the Yiddish culture, many times I remember the stories and memories of the Shtetl that the elders used to tell me during the davenen time at the Shul, many years ago. Oh how beatiful times!

I believe that we should keep alive the culture and wonderful feelings of that ancient world, we can not explain or describe  the real meaning of Yiddishkeit or our feelings  when suddenly as a time machine we are back into all that memories, music, and magic aromas from home that embrace us. 

As a passionate Haggadot collector, I like to write about new and old Haggadah’s editions and publications. Of course we should not forget the educational and spiritual aspects of the Haggadah. If you are editing and publishing an Haggadah, or you have any kind of information about facsimiles Haggadot, you are welcome to contact me be email or send me a copy of the material to my mail address.

E-mail: passover.haggadotATgmail.com

Fax: +972-3-6856228

Mail Address:

A. Yitzchak Rothman
P.O Box 23015
Tel Aviv 61231, Israel.

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